Beltane Maypole Celebration

Time for Winter Reflections to Become Spring Projections!

Dance Around the May Pole

Today, May 1st is Beltane.  Traditionally a pagan holiday celebrating Spring and signifies new life into the planet from the long cold, dark winter.  It is a time of renewal, a time of awakening.  A time to get off your tukuss to put Beltane Maypole Dancingin motion what you have been contemplating all these past months. Nature seems renewed and Summer is just ahead-we can feel it, and are energized. A little history –  Wikipedia tells us Wiccan-inspired neopagens celebrate a variation of Beltane as a Sabbat, one of the eight solar holidays. Although the holiday may use features of the Gaelic Bealtaine, it bears more relation to the Germanic May Day festival, both in its significance (focusing on fertility) and its rituals (such as maypole dancing). Use the new Spring energy to put yourself back into gear and celebrate your passion for writing once again.  Play in your words and dance in the thesaurus to discover new and interesting paths to follow.  You might just surprise yourself.

The Passion is in the Fire

Dancing around the Beltane BalefireBeltane is a time for love!  As my daughter likes to put it  – Twitterpated!  The Great Beltane Rite symbolizes the sacred marriage, or sexual union, of the the Lord and Lady. Mother Earth and Father Sky. Often the rite is performed symbolically by a male and female who place a knife (a phallic symbol) into a chalice (a female or yonic symbol). In Old Celtic traditions, whole villages would celebrate May Day by slipping away into the woods for indiscriminate sexual encounters honoring the The Lord and Lady and ensuring fertility for the crops in the growing months.

Light the fire within your own bellies and learn to dance around the balefire within your heart again.  They say roads are paved with great intentions, but intentions never met a deadline now did it?  Beltane is an excellent time to reawaken those old goals, those fiery dreams and forgotten WIPs you have stuffed inside drawers, cabinets and files.  Dust them off and breathe new passion, new love into the characters you once fell in love with.  Find them and embrace! You might just be surprised at how they have matured and have new perspectives from when you first began.

Beltane Head Wreath of May FlowersTime to Picnic! Go Gather Wild Flowers and Herbs

Since we celebrate this day of rebirth, I wanted to touch on a topic that has bugged me since Samhain.  The one thing I enjoy the most when I am writing is the research.   I can spend days of time taking notes and learning about something I knew nothing about before and then trying my best to experience it first hand.  So often I see and hear (because I love audiobooks) where that research falls short… it’s frustrating to say the least.  I’ll give you a for instance.

I recently was listening a great story and throughout it the narrator mispronounced the title.  That word was Samhain.  Pronounced “Sow-Un” – so many times the word is mispronounced to read “Sam-Hain” and it just isn’t so.  I finally had to quit listening to the story because it was so very distracting to me.  The time wasn’t taken to properly research and it showed.  I knew the writer had simply written a story and not researched.  When you are discovering a topic that’s new or even one you have known all your life, research it and embrace it.  Represent your words with honor and for heavens sake, please know how to pronounce it! Please take the time to picnic, find out what wild flowers you are picking and make sure those flowers are edible and won’t kill you in a tea!  Your readers will thank you for it 🙂

The Faeries are Afoot!

The Faeries Amongst UsLearn something new and exciting!  Do you know what it takes to invite Faeries to your home?  It’s time for the Fae community to become very busy and for you gardeners, you couldn’t ask for better friends!  When planting your gardens or flower beds, find out what attracts the faeries and butterflies. An enchanted garden will bring you long Summer days filled with beauty and fragrance, so you’ll want to create a habitat that is conducive for your Fae family to move in.  Use decorative rocks to build caves and bridges over your fountains and rock paths.  Use your imagination and envision your fairy world.

Try adding birdhouses and hummingbird feeders with flowing water falls.  Cascading water sounds can help calm your nerves and soothe away your weary mind.  Let the faeries invigorate you!  Need  inspiration to help write those 1000 words to meet your deadline?  Encapsulate yourself in the beauty of life and let it flow forth from your fingertips.  Get and dance, get out of your head and get grounded with the earth and stop to smell the wildflowers.  Be careful though, sometimes your Fae friends will play little jokes on you.  Be sure to leave them shiny bobbles and trinkets…. or you just might find yourself looking for your car keys… again 🙂

For the Love of Beltane

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