Social Media Etiquette: What You Post May Come Back to Haunt You

Have you ever Googled your own name? Have you ever had an employer Google you as part of your interview? It feels a little intimidating, but in the virtual world that we now live in, it is equally important to maintain your on-line reputation as well as your true face to face reputation. This is especially true for today’s teens as in a few years they will become a viable part of the workforce.

If you Google my name Dianna Kersey, you will find an array of industry articles I have written, the company I work for, the social media groups I am active in, websites I own and my charity work. You can also find my Facebook posts, blog posts, blog posts comments, online product reviews, tweets, videos and images. If a person knows your user name in these social media sites, then everything is searchable. Nothing is sacred on the internet.

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